Enjoy in our homemade products!

Our family farm with its domestic products was built on the long tradition of our ancestors who have traditionally cultivated vines, olive trees and lavender. Later we enriched this tradition and raised it to a higher and more competitive level.
In 2010 our total production of grapes and olives enters into organic production for which we are among the first on the island.
In 2013 we were awarded with the label ‘’Croatian Island Product’’ for extra virgin olive oil, canned black olives and fruit jams.
Label ‘’Croatian Island Product ‘’ was awarded to us by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds for top quality products.

Olive oil

Eco-extra virgin olive oil ‘’MURVICA’’ is produced by cold pressing, from hand picked fruits of indigenous olive variety of Oblica, Levantinka and Lastovka at their early stage of maturity. The oil is greenish - yellow in color, medium spicy, moderately bitter and fits perfectly with bruschetta, fried fish, marinated vegetables, different kinds of salads and medium matured cheeses.

Eco-extra virgin olive oil can be purchased in the packaging of 0.25l , 0.5l , 0.75l and 1.0 l.

Eco-olives in brine

For many years we have been nurturing a family tradition and cultivating our own olive trees, located on the north side of the island . Love and care have resulted in excellent olive trees that we spiced up by the old recipes. We also enriched dishes of great gourmets.

Eco-olives in brine can be purchased in packaging of 280g.

Eco-white wine

Eco-wine ‘’MURVICA’’ (white) is made from indigenous varieties Bogdanuša, Parč and Tartinka that grow on the red soil. It is actually the composition of the soil that gives a distinct taste to these wine varieties. This wine is light yellow in color with a greenish hue and intense scent. Tasting it you will feel fullness and consistency as well as harmony of the varieties. It is served at a temperature of 11 C and it is recommended with all seafood and roast dishes.

Eco-white wine can be purchased in the packaging of 1,0l.


Eco-wine ‘’MURVICA’’ (red and rose) are made from Plavac Mali wine variety cultivated in gravel field near the village Vrsnik. This wine variety, position and climate contribute to ruby color of these wines, slightly astringent taste, balanced ingredients, good bouquet and varietal aromas. It is served cooled to 16-18 C with seafood, grilled fis , crabs, red meat and game meat.

Eco-wine (red and rose) can be purchased in the packaging of 1,0l.

Wine and cherry,
Dessert wine „Prošek“

Prosecco is the original Dalmatian dessert wine made from dried grapes, from Plavac Mali wine variety , to which is it added a certain amount of syrup. It tastes sweet and harmonious. It contains 16% alcohol . It is served cooled at 10-12C and it goes perfectly with all sweets and dry cakes.

Eco-liqueurs can be bought in the packaging of 0,2l and 0,5l.

Eco-jams - marmalades

Eco jams and marmalades are made from figs, mandarin, bitter orange and tomatoes grown in our family farm. Full-bodied aromatic taste of our fruits contained in ‘’MURVICA’’ fruit jams and marmalades is grand final of every meal. With them you’ll have sweet start of your day, serve them as a dessert, or simply enrich your cakes.

Eco-jams and marmalades can be purchased in packaging of 210g.

St. John’s wort oil

The oil of St. John’s wort is made from extra virgin olive oil and carefully collected tops of yellow flowers and buds from the area of the island. This oil is used for wounds, it has antibacterial activity and it is natural antidepressants. We use it for all skin problems, from burns, ulcers, acne to herpes, as well as problems in the digestive system. We use in massagges to ease rheumatoid pain, gout, shoulder, neck and spine pain. It also helps with bruises and sprains.

The oil of St. John’s wort can be purchased in the packaging of 30ml and 50ml.

Essential oils - lavender oil

Hvar is known as the island of lavender and ‘’Hvar lavender’’ is widely known. Lavender oil is obtained by steam distillation from the flower spikes. The oil is transparent to slightly yellowish in color and has a characteristic odor and sweetish flavor. The scent of lavender relaxes tense nerves and helps to fall asleep more easily and sleep more firmly. That smell keeps mosquitoes and other pests from you. Besides smell, lavender oil has a healing effect. It calms you, helps with spasms, reduces rheumatic pains. It is used in rheumatic baths. Massage with lavender oil help with headaches and relaxes the muscles. The oil has an antiseptic activity against inflammation.

Oil can be purchased in a package of 10ml and 15ml.